String Me Along

I am a fiber artist who finds beauty in worn out things and promise in something as simple as a snipet of string or a scribble on a scrap of paper. A tree-hugging, faerie lover who, as my brother would tell it, ate too many crayons as a child. This is a blog of the words and images that speak to me.
Sometimes I think
there is only one human soul
shared by us all.

Sometime I picture it
blowing like a thin snow over fields
and I lay awake

Sure I’m about to feel
one of the bare spots pass over,
not like a great storm

But as a well of silence,
like the void before creation…
swallowing everything back.

Sometimes I think
love is made just for those nights
like a liferope

If you could just reach it.
If you could just reach it.
- Peregrine (via youreyesblazeout)
My heart is an unmade bed; it might look messy, but I swear it’s a safe place to rest.
- Moriah Pearson (via you-and-me-are-the-world)

(via kriptodepresija)

When you are old and grey and full of sleep
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep
- W.B. Yeats (via observando)

(via writingwillows)

She had never imagined she had the power to make someone else so happy. And not a magical power, either—a purely human one.
- Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Prince (via writingwillows)